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Composition of your moods 

Moods Experimental Interactive Installation


In the 2019-2020 edition of the Interactive Environments minor focus on the following question:

Can interactive spaces help people to manage their mood?

Some days we are cheerful; others, we are grumpy. Likewise, we can be calm, nervous, relaxed, excited, glum, or perhaps irritable: Although our awareness of such affective dispositions may not be continuous, we are always in some kind of “mood”. Moods pass —they can last for hours, or sometimes even days, but they are constantly changing and converging into other moods. 

Interactive technology can be used to create all kinds of expressive mood manifestations. The topic of this project is to use an interactive environment to express the mood of an interpersonal environment working at the ODS (Operation Decision Support department) unit of KLM”

After research, I came up with some ideas and chose one to make a rapid prototype, did usability testing. I kept integrating the concepts based on the insight I got from testing. The final concept came after four iterations.

Based on the fourth iteration, I started making the final model.

Final Work

Operational Decision Support(ODS) has a warm, lovely atmosphere with many young people.


ODS staff sometimes face pressure from work and have a negative mood. It is essential for them to express their mood in order to have a better performance in their work. Besides, working in a team, ODS staff seat together talks to each other, and help each other. In order to have a better co-operation, the awareness team members’ moods are important.


Composition with your moods is an interpersonal interactive Mondrian style installation, in which users can transfer their mood into creativity. Not need brush, pigment, only moods, users can expressing their moods together by recreate their own Mondrian’s composition and show others the current moods.

Composition with your moods shows the same composition on both sides every time. Two users can control a knob on each side to rotate one line in the composition. Once it starts, the light will change based on the relationships of two lines. When it is turned off, all the lights will turn on and will become a Mondrian style decoration.

Focusing on their own work can rotate the lines in the same direction and the yellow light will be turned on. If they are helping each other, using the knob to make two lines intersect on top, which the two lines look like hugging each other, and the blue light will be fade in and out. If they have conflict, they can move two lines to the opposite side, which two lines look like they want to leave from the other and the red light will be blinking.

Composition with your moods includes 4 servo motors, each side has 2 motors, three chainable LEDs, and 2 knobs. Both sides show the same composition and a knob is on one side. Each knob can control one line in the composition, which means each knob control 2 servo motors in audruino. The range of rotatable angle for each black line is from 20 to 160 degrees in case a crush of two lines.

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