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Umbrella Cover


Many interior places, like shopping malls, the library will offer plastic umbrella bags on a rainy day to prevent umbrellas to the wet floor. However, wrapping neatly a messy and wet umbrella to fit in the plastic bags is a waste of time and may wet clothes.  What's more, plastic bags are not environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Tyvek is a durable paper-like material. Although it looks like paper, it is plastic. Collaborating with folding structure, Tyvek has many potentials to be used in product development.

Thus, it is a good opportunity to design a sustainable umbrella cover, which can replace plastic umbrella bags with Tyvek.

Developing Process

Final Work

Usually, it is difficult for people to put their umbrellas into the no eco-friendly plastic cover provided by shopping malls as plastic covers are not versatile. Thus, this origami umbrella cover will solve the problem with collapsible stable structure and sustainable material, Tyvek.


This origami umbrella cover is a good friend of umbrellas. It is easy for people to put a messy umbrella on this cover. It is sustainable as not only the material but also the structure can let people put out the water left by wet umbrellas.


When people use it, they can not only just hold the string but also can just hold the handle of umbrellas as the elastic structure. With elasticity, these umbrella covers are definitely suitable for different sizes of the umbrella. Besides, when people don’t use it, it can be collapsible as a decoration for the umbrella, which reminds people of bringing it out.

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