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Bus Stop


According to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, there are 174,800 people with visual impairment, which is 2.4% of the total Hong Kong population. Visual impairment people not only include the fully blind but also include the colorblind and different extend visual impairment.


The existing bus stop designs around Hong Kong are not united, people might get confused sometimes. Although the current Hong Kong bus system's design has already considered people with a wheelchair, it didn't take VIPs into consideration.


Thus, there are opportunities for designing a new inclusive bus stop, especially for VIPs.The bus stop is one of the most convenient and widespread public transportation in Hong Kong. A bus stop with VIPs consideration

can lead VIPs to independence, productivity, freedom, and community participation.

“Not all VIPs have access to smartphones due to low income”

Rico Chanocial designer,

founder and CEO of Beyond Vision Projects (BVP)

“I go out by myself with no assistance”

Yui Chi (Kai Ho)

Ebenezer school student (complete blindness)

"I would like to help VIPs to get on the bus stop"

Petter, a bus driver at Hung Hum Station

Limitation for VIPs of the existing design

Have trouble with achieving the bus stop

Unfamiliar environment - do not know where the bus stop is located

Certain areas - no tactile paving to lead the VIP to the bus stop

Random clutter/objects around the bus stops can mislead the VIP


Have trouble with waiting for the right bus

Do not know when their bus is approaching

A lot of buses stop at the same time - can be confusing to the VIP which one

they need to get on as there are a lot of noises and people

No braille plates for obtaining information

Identification on the floor is not user friendly for all people, as it is intended to

be seen only by sighted people


Have trouble with getting on the bus

The driver might skip the VIP as they do not know that VIP is waiting for them

at the bus stop platform

VIPs need assistance to get on the right bus

Two busses at the same time - hard for the VIP identify which one they need to get one

Advantage and issue for VIPs of the existing design


Getting to the bus stop

Audio bus route information system since 2016 and real-time bus arrival information for the VIPs is available

Issue: Not all VIPs have smartphones


At the bus stop

Some bus stops have an electronic notice board

Issue: No accompanying sound system for more inclusiveness

Final Work

The problem with VIPs using the bus stop

Getting on the wrong bus

Dislocating the bus stop

Not being able to identify bus stop’s front

The main goal of ON TRACK bus stop

Helping VIPs to be more independent while using buses.

What our bus stop can provide

Locate the bus stop even in unfamiliar environments

Provide VIPs with correct and updated bus information

Get on the right bus by themselves in a less popular area

User Journey

A project by Daniel CHAN, Victor FUNG,Pak long LEE, Sophia TSE, Denissa VITTIE, Mante ZYGELYTE,

TSE was part of the research, ideation, form-giving, user journey design.

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