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Double-sides Mop

Cleaning Tool


Families with toddlers have a high demand for mopping

requirements. Design a high qualities performance wet mop for

middle-class families is necessary.

Finding after research ( Interviews, Questionnaire)


Using difficulties

Hard to squeeze (dewater)

Don’t want to touch the dirt

Don’t want to bend/kneel down


The high demand for hygiene

Higher frequency

Quick Dry

Preference mop: steam mop

Taking up dust and dirt

Disinfecting the floor



Hard to clean details

Hard to clean troublesome objects

Objects & Opportunities

A quick-drying solution for after-mopping

A combination of mopping pad and drier

Easy evaporation of the cleaner

The material of the mop pad: microfibre?

Replaceable / disposable


Design that eliminates comfortless for frequent cleaning

Only one-hand evolved (a more powerful mopping head)

No direct contact between hand and dirt for drying & dewatering process


An easier approach for details cleaning

Transformable feature

360° mop head rotation (furniture legs)

3-dimensional cleaning (floor, floor side, side of the furniture, etc.)


Disinfection for floor cleanliness

Self-disinfection when drying / Disinfection process during storage

High-temperature disinfection (steam) soak in disinfection solution


A safer design of mop that eliminates children from accidental hurt (hit, bite, swallow, etc.)

 Applying soft material such as a sponge, rubber

Prototype Iterations

Final Work

A project by Charlie CHAN, Sophia TSE, Wen ZHAN,

TSE was in parts of research, ideation, model making, rendering

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