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Think out of the box

Pen Holder


Inspiration about humor

‘This exhibition aims to show that we can rediscover the humor that surrounds us in our day-to-day lives, by looking at shapes and expressions of humor from across ages and borders.’--Katsumi Asaba.


Inspiring from ‘sense of humor ’ exhibition in 21_21 Design Sight, I think that humor is from our daily life, but it also can be applied to some daily products to spice up our lives.

Developing Process

Final Work

The idea comes from a metaphor "Think out of the box" to involve a sense of humor into daily use products. When people have a new idea in the mind, pens usually are the fastest media to record it by no matter writing or drawing. The appearance of the products is like opened boxes, and pens are a metaphor for 'idea' in this product.

To have a new idea, people always need to think from different perspectives, so each pen the holder is designed in different perspectives and capturing the process of opening a box. Even when seeing a single product in different directions, people also can see different perspectives of the box due to the structure.


The structure of the frame is combined with two 2D images and four to five square rods.Seeing from front views, the 2D images give an illusion of opening a box, but it is not a square box seeing from other views. The square rods also give support to the plastic box

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